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The employee PC monitoring software -- function of OsMonitor

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OsMonitor is as easy as pie

We are now using your monitoring software, OsMonitor. It is a great software, we are able to block no business website, monitor activities of our users, website visited and even snap shots. Majority of our need is provided by your software. 


Application Monitoring

Screenshot Monitoring Software

Screen monitoring

Lan Monitoring

OsMonitor is compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 7,8!

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OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software and network monitoring software are becoming more and more popular recently. With the tendency of improving productivity, the employers have paid more attention to their employees' working efficiency.
OsMonitor is the powerful employee monitoring software for companies in all size. OsMonitor is also a powerful network monitoring software you have been looking for. OsMonitor employee monitoring software records and tracks computer activities such as screenshot, IM conversation, website visited. You can find every detail about your employees' PC and Internet usage on server, and prevents them from doing something that is not allowed as well. OsMonitor is a guard of high productivity and internet security.
With OsMonitor employee monitoring software, you can view and record your employees' PC activities such as their online conversation, the documents they processed, the websites they visited, the software they ran, the emails they sent, the business information in their computer and even the screenshots of their online activities.

OsMonitor Monitoring Software 

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OsMonitor is a kind of friendly network management software designed for LAN environment. It adopts client-server mode with one server monitoring all client computers. OsMonitor is suitable for the environment of LAN, which is a kind of fool-style network management software. It is in the working mode of Client/Server, using a server to monitor all network clients. Its features are as follow:

OsMonitor Software Screenshot

Monitoring software key features

1. Forbiddance, restriction, surveillance and monitoring. The settings on all client computers take effect automatically following the server. It's much easier for you to manage and monitoring your employees' activities by setting up everything at one time. You don't have to do settings on the clients one by one.
. OsMonitor has no specific any requirement for the target computers, network structure, distribution and it is fully compatible with all versions of operating system. High security with the hidden running in client PCs' background and can never be closed by Windows task management. . 
3. Block any chatting program like AIM, ICQ, MSN, any downloading program like Bit Torrent and any P2P software which occupy company’s bandwidth.
4. Forbid any USB ports and any USB storage device, such as portable hard disk and flash memory disk, etc., to avoid confidential information leak. Record all of the AIM conversation, Google Talk, ICQ conversation and MSN messenger conversation.
5. Forbid surfing on the Internet. It can assign which particular computers and employees can access to Internet, when the employees can access to Internet, and which particular Websites cannot be accessed, such as sex sites, stock sites and more. It also can grant access to or block some particular websites as well.
6. Forbid installing illegal software like games. Only permit working related software, for example, you can allow your employees' computer only run Word or Excel, in that case, other programs are not allowed running.
7. Do you want to know who is downloading? Which computer is infecting the worm virus? OsMonitor allows you to view the downloading and uploading stream of every employee’s computer. All of the data are saved for your later review.
8. The LAN administrator can control the whole LAN without any difficulty due to the user-defined feature of the forbiddance and surveillance functions. 
9. Record the employees' windows opened, program run, web sites visited and conversation in chatting program.
10. Monitoring files operation, record the files copied, pasted and deleted, and report the information of USB storage devices plugged in. 
11. Besides the instant forbiddance of the employees' appropriate activities, it also saves these records for later review with indices. All of the report forms can be printed in the form of Word or Html.

Main functions of OsMonitor employee monitoring software: restriction and monitoring

Employee Restriction Option
Restrict all chatting tools running. Block chatting, block AIM, MSN, block games, block Internet Games, block special programs, block special software, and block all software you don't want to run. Different employees have different rights. Forbid all online chatting programs like AIM, ICQ, MSN, Google Talk, all games like ICQ game and all unallowed software. It can recognize and forbid the games and the software automatically and intelligently. Employees enjoy their authority level on their Online and PC activities.
Customize white list. You can customize employees' computer to only run software related with work, for example, you can customize their computers to only run Word, Excel, in that case, other software are not allowed to run. (recognize the condition code instead of the application filename.)
Forbid downloading and all P2P software which takes up the bandwidth.
Block USB devices. Block flash memory disk, block CD driver, block USB port to avoid information leak and security threat.
Monitor and restrict accessing the Internet. It can nominate the users, the computers and times for accessing the Internet, and only permit the visit of specific Websites. OsMonitor also can help you to block porn websites and stock websites.
Forbid illegal installation of programs and software like games. Forbid the entrance of safe mode, and any modification on control panel.
Forbid accessing movie and music entertainment online.
Forbid changing IP address illegally and support the binding of MAC address and IP address. It also forbids the illegal disconnection of Lan, which will result automatic turning off. 
All of the functions are controlled by the server administrator without any difficulty.

Employee Monitoring option
See and record all of the widows your employees open, the programs they run, and the websites they visit. With the records are saved in the server’s database automatically for your later review, the employees' working status is easy to be checked.
Document tracking feature allows you to record the files the employees copied to removable media such as USB storage devices, CD, DVD, flash disk, etc. , which are pasted and deleted. You can even record when the removable media was removed from the computer. All of the records can be saved in server’s database for later review.
Monitor and record network card flow of every employees' computer in real time. All the data are saved for your later reviewing.
The employees' screen capture function allows you to view their instant screen (motive picture) via server at any time.
Application installation monitoring function allows you to view the software your employees installed in their computer on OsMonitor Server at any time.
Monitor process. You can view what software is running on your employees' computer on Server at any time and you can end process you want to end.
Monitor chatting conversation. Monitor and record all AIM conversation, ICQ conversation, MSN conversation and Yahoo Messenger conversation, Skype conversation, Google Talk. All the records can be saved on Server database for your later reviewing at anytime.
Backup files. Backup automatically all increased and modified work files (word document, program code, etc.) on Server from your employees' computer.
Email recorder provides you the every details of Emails via Outlook Express or Outlook. You even have the option of recording Email attachment. OsMonitor is the only one software in the world which supports the monitoring and backup of SSL secured Emails.
System information monitoring allows you to check the client computers’ hardware information and the hard disk storage usage.

The function of monitoring Internet activity:
Forbid the sex websites intelligently.
Forbid the URL containing specific words. For example, if you enter ‘girl’ as the key word, any URL with this word will be blocked automatically. 
Only permit some particular websites. If other websites are opened, it will close them and alarm.
Forbid the web page containing specific words. For example, if you enter ‘stock’, ‘game’ and ‘movie’, all web pages with those words will be blocked. If the users try to visit them more than once, it will alarm.

The function of blocking USB storage devices
Block any USB storage devices, like flash disk, portable hard disk, digital camera, mobile phone memory card.
Only forbid USB storage devices, rather than USB mouse, keyboard etc.
Can only monitor the use of USB storage devices, record the files copied without forbidding the use of USB storage devices.

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