Effective employees are those who are efficient with their work. Being able to get an OsMonitor monitoring software will help you, as an employer, look after the online activities that your subordinates are doing during working hours. The software is the one that is convenient to be used by different companies wanting to monitor all the activities that their employees are doing over the internet. With the software’s help, you can get the information that you need and know the things that make your employees inefficient with the job that they are supposed to be doing.

What OsMonitor Allows You to Do

You will have the capability to track down the unnecessary things that employees are visiting online and check out all the files that they have been doing for a certain period of time. All of the things that you want to check such as the following can all be recorded and tracked down by this software:
• IM conversations
• Screenshots of the activities
• Software run
• Visited website
• Work and non-work related files processed
• Emails received and sent
As the owner, all of the above mentioned activities and proofs can all be tracked down and allow you to know what affects your employees efficiency and interest towards their work. This employee monitoring software will give you the access on different things that you want to know about the things that make your employees busy aside from work.

Features of OsMonitor

This network monitoring software can give you many capabilities in regards with features that this product has. When you choose to get this software, the following features are the ones that you can take advantage of:
• Monitoring, surveillance, restriction and forbiddance. This feature can take effect on all computers automatically and ensure that you are able to get the information that you want from different computers without installing the software individually.
• Compatibility with different operating systems is not a problem since the monitoring software is designed to work with different operating system versions.
• Enables you to forbid use of the entire USB ports and any storage devices to prevent any leakage of confidential information about the company and the activities done by your company.
• The software can disable several computers from accessing the internet and enter different websites that can distract employees.
• Blocks any download of unnecessary software or games that are considered great distractions for the employees.
• All of the monitoring needs that you want can be viewed after working hours and can even be printed through Html or Word.

All of the helpful information that you want for employee monitoring software is offered by OsMonitor. This makes it easy for you as the employer to get the information that you need from all the activities that your subordinates are doing. In this way, you are able to determine the things that affect the efficiency of your workers and prevent them from continuously doing unnecessary things over the internet on working hours. You are assured that you will not have to worry about the risk of losing efficient employees and just help.