Do you wonder how to monitor your employees’ Internet activity? How can you control bandwidth usage? Here is the solution with monitoring software.

There are wide ranges of software available in market that will help you monitor employee internet activity. These powerful tools for monitoring web allow users to monitor browsing activities of their students or employees. OsMonitor is an outstanding product among these software. It is a non-intrusive tool as well as runs in stealth mode hence employees will never be able to find out that their internet activities are being monitored.

OsMonitor works by capturing URLs of all websites that are visited. Powerful reporting utility tool is also offered that will generate reports in graphical and tabular formats. Often there are unproductive users who invest excessive time browsing internet hence companies will find this software extremely useful. Some features included in OsMonitor employee internet activity monitoring software are given below:

• Monitoring Bandwidth – You can track internet traffic on the network so as to isolate users who are congesting bandwidth of the company.


• Report/Track Internet Activity – You can monitor each employee’s web browsing activities on one computer. Comprehensive reports can be generated in graphical or tabular formats.


• Automated Reports – You can generate reports automatically and set these reports to be mailed to you directly.

• Idle Browsing Time Setting – Internet activities perceived being idle or inactive can be easily suppressed from getting displayed on final report.

• Schedule Tracking Of URL – Specify time ranges to when internet activity must be collected as well as ensure that individuals are viewing just information that is relevant to business.

• Remote Desktop – Employer can operate individual employee’s computer remotely.

The benefit of using OsMonitor to monitor and track internet activity is that it helps companies and organizations to identify computers that excessively use internet. This software can provide a list of employees who are occupying bandwidth in exceptionally large amount which means they are spending their working time on internet surfing for personal use and entertainment.
The function of OsMonitor:

Forbid the URL containing specific words. For example, if you enter ‘facebook’ as the key word, any URL with this word will be blocked automatically.

Only permit some particular websites. You can add some websites to white list, and only these websites can be visited by specific employee or employee group. If other websites are opened, OsMonitor will close them automatically and alarm the client which is being monitored.

Forbid the web page containing specific words. For example, if you enter ‘stock’, ‘game’ and ‘movie’, all web pages with those words will be blocked. If the users try to visit them more than once, you will get an alarm event on OsMonitor server.

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