Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are very popular and many people have much fun on them. However, some staff visit those sites during office hours and therefore led to low working efficiency. As a manager, you do not have time to go around and see what your employees are doing on their computers. OsMonitor can block social media websites and applications, and analyze websites access duration so you can find out how much time your employees have spent on each site. OsMonitor can notify you on the server when those sites are visited and send alerts to those employees who have opened non-business-related sites.
To use social media monitoring function, open “System settings for Client” on the upper left corner of server’s interface and click “Browser” tab. You need to enter URL of sites you want to block or windows title keywords which are included in social media applications’ windows.

Then open the “Management Strategy” for more specific settings. Tick “Show tip window on server when blocked” if you want to be notified when employees open non-business-related sites or applications. Tick “Send customized warning to client after blocking” and write your warning to warn the employees who violated, and tick “Send block reason to client automatically” to tell employees why they violated.

Monitoring option

If you ticked “Show tip window on server when blocked”, a tip window like this will pop up on your server when undesirable sites are visited.

block twitter
A tip window as shown below will pop up on your server if an application is blocked.

Block Facebook

To analyze websites access duration, click the “History Data View” and open “Analyze websites access duration”. You can choose the time period and the group or exact employee from the list on the left to analyze.

Social Media Website Monitoring

Social Media urls
With social media monitoring function, we believe that OsMonitor can help you to achieve an effective and comprehensive management, and the work efficiency of your employees will be improved.