The OsMonitor is very effective and powerful monitoring software that is specially designed for the monitoring of the employees in a company. There are several benefits of having such wonderful software installed at the office systems. It will be able to monitor employee internet usage on behalf of the company management.

The OsMonitor adopts the mode of the client server and tracks the usage of all the employee computers via the internet or the LAN. It can also record and track several computer activities like the history of the websites visited in a particular system, the IM conversations that happened between two or more employees. The management can also check whether any employee is being productive or not from a master computer system. The software can also block any undesirable actions on the office system like visiting undesirable websites or games, using of external hard disks or the USB etc.

The data collected from the employee computers are all stored automatically in the server database. The OsMonitor is also able to generate professional management reports of the best quality that can provide you with satisfactory reports on the work progression of all the employees individually.

Some other benefits of using the OsMonitor software are:

  • Website history
  • Camera shots of the computer screen
  • Email checking with outlook
  • Chat conversion
  • Application usages
  • Bandwidth usages
  • File tracking
  • The reports remain in the server computer even when the employees delete the history of their computers.
  • It can block any undesirable actions that are not related to business or are potentially harmful for business.
  • It can also act as powerful network management software.
  • It can document, and manage work efficiency with its monitoring software.      Learn more