OsMonitor computer monitoring software is a stable and dependable software which is professional in tracking and monitoring internet and computer activities of computers. It’s useful both at home and company, you can secretly monitor anyone’s computer system on the same LAN. OsMonitor computer monitoring Software captures screenshots of other computers on the server, and you can view every ongoing activity and the desktop activities of the employees’ computers. Employee’ computers monitoring records programs and windows launched, visited sites, opened and printed documents, sent and received emails, chats conversations, instant messages, running software titles, displays screenshots and more. You can even record their activities and view them with Windows Media Player. Another feature which makes the computer monitoring software more powerful is its ability to record and save screenshots of user activities which can be viewed later as a movie. The monitoring process works in invisible mode without causing any technical problems in the user system. Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista, the computer monitoring software enables you to send messages and notifications over the network to stop any ongoing activity.

In large companies, how do you keep an eye on everyone in an office with lots of people? Are you sure that your employees use their time and computer resources in the most effective manner? Do you completely believe that they do not misuse your trade secrets and confidential information?

Many companies just formulate a company ‘internet policy’ which designed to outline the do’s and don’ts of what is permissible to do on the office computers. Most employees know that they are not allowed to send personal emails while at work or even surf the internet if it’s not related to their job. The question is how many people strictly abide by that policy. Companies have the policy that punishes the illegal actions that have been carried out by their employees when using their computers. Now OsMonitor will be a great assistant to help you find the lazy people out.

OsMonitor computer monitoring Software will perform a qualitative analysis of the usage of work time and find the points where the efficiency of the personnel increases. OsMonitor is created for medium and large business and intended for used by top managers, middle management, and HR department specialists.

OsMonitor is one such computer monitoring software, with simple easy deployment and intuitive interface. You can monitor the activities of employees at office,  or even while you are touring in a foreign country. One can install the computer program over the entire network and put each computer in the network under monitoring. Managers don’t have the time to monitor each employee with a pair of microscopic eyes, but this particular program produces reports for you that are accessible over the network or online. Employees will never know that they are being watched if you don’t want them to know.

OsMonitor allows you to record all activities of the computer users, including Web sites visited, file operations, online chat conversations (including ICQ, MSN and Yahoo Messenger), and take screen snapshot at set intervals just like a surveillance camera directly point at the computer monitor. OsMonitor let you know exactly what your employees are doing on their PC and all you need to do is sit in front of your computer. OsMonitor is designed for the hidden computer monitoring and the monitoring of the computer activity, it secretly monitors all activity while it is completely hidden from others–no trace in Add and Remove Programs, Start menu, Applications, and no icons.

OsMonitor computer monitoring software captures the action and monitors your employee’s activities in real time. Improve employee performance by providing immediate feedback, and prevent security breaches by checking the log files with their recorded actions. Get instantly alerted when they open certain files, programs or Web pages which you do not allow. OsMonitor logs registers opened and closed programs and Web pages, and makes periodic screen captures to create a complete picture of all activities on all employee PCs.

Employee computer monitoring is necessary for the growth and success of a business. It also helps the manager to reward the good performers and to identify bad performers and fix the issue. Deviating from business assignments at hand will, without exception affects the productivity of the company. Identifying early trends with employee monitoring tools is necessary to ensure that the company succeeds in the long run. OsMonitor is now a need of our time and a mandatory requirement in all offices. It is an effective computer monitoring software that is the ideal solution for all employers.