With the remote desktop function of OsMonitor you can operate employee computer remotely and without confirmation, and control multiple staff computers smoothly at the same time. With this feature, the administrators can maintain their company’s computers in their seats instead of going to the single computer. Words like remote control, remote assistance, remote monitoring and remote operation are familiar to us in today’s world, and LAN remote control software is brought into our view.

Start Remote Desktop

OsMonitor remote desktop
Generally, Win XP and later versions of Microsoft systems come with the Remote Desktop Connection feature, but as there are limits of number of computers connected, and the requirement of computer user name and password, many administrators abandoned the Remote Desktop feature of the system. For a number of employees set their own working computer’s user name and password, it is almost impossible for administrators to ask each of them and get connected. Third-party remote control software have also been favored by many network administrators, however, screens of most remote control software are not smooth and easy to get stuck, and you need to know the computer user name and password and send a Remote Assistance request to start the connection. These are the things that annoy most administrators when using third-party remote control software.
Select the employee computer that you want to operate remotely on the server and click the Remote Assistance button.
OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software started to perfectly support the remote control function from the 9.9.91 version on the advice of many network administrators. You can simply select the computer you want to operate from the monitor list in the server of OsMonitor, and right click to select “Remote Assistance”. Or when you are checking the screenshot view of the employee computers and find violations, you can select this computer and click “Remote Assistance”, then you can remotely control that staff computer. You can operate multiple employee computers at the same time. Remote screen is smooth and clear, just like operating your own computer. Operating employee computers remotely has greatly reduced the difficulty for administrators to manage the dispersed staff computers.
Currently on the market there are numerous remote monitoring software, and almost every once in a while it will launch a new remote monitoring software. OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software has 8 years of developing experience and becomes an employee monitoring software with very complete function with the advice and support from our customers.