Q: What version of Windows system does OsMonitor support?
Both OsMonitor Server and Client can work on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Vista,Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10. Include 32 bit and 64 bit.

Q: My employees are located in the different cities or countries, how can I monitor them?

Connect to OsMonitor server through Internet
OsMonitor Server’s TCP ports are 7211,7212 and 7213, please set your router transmits 7211 and 7212 ports to (by this case). Please refer to user guide of router to set your router. Some routers call it “Virtual Server”.


Q: Will the use of the OS-Monitor affect our normal LAN activities and traffic?
The use of OsMonitor won’t affect your normal LAN activities and traffic. OsMonitor is a really small and efficient application. It works quietly in the background and has been optimized to minimize resource use.

Q: After installing OsMonitor client(for employee), I notice there is a tray icon, can this icon be hidden? Does OsMonitor client run secretly or visually?

The icon would always show up unless the client has connected to OsMonitor server once successfully, after that it won’t show up even if the client can’t connect to server.
OsMonitor client run in silent/stealth mode by default, which means your employees don’t know they are being watched and can’t disable the program. If the law in your country requires transparent monitoring, OsMonitor client program is capable of running in both silent mode and visible mode,you can set “always show the tray icon” on OsMonitor server.

Q: Can OsMonitor make schedule blocking? e.g. if we want to block Facebook for our employees at all times but allow it during lunch break 13-14?

Schedule Monitoring

Q: How to uninstall OsMonitor client?

You can’t find OsMonitor in control panel on client computer, so you can’t uninstall it directly on client computer. There are two situations of uninstalling OsMonitor, please follow the introductions below to uninstall.

·The client has connected to the server properly

1.Run the OsMonitor server, choose the client which you want to uninstall, click on the right side of the mouse.
2.you can see the options, click “Close OsMonitor client, Don’t load on Windows startup next time”
3.That’s OK.
·The client is not connected to the server
1. Press “Shift+ Alt +F” (or your set hotkey), input the password(if you have set one), then click “OK”, OsMonitor’s default password is empty.
2. Click “uninstall” button, that’s OK.

Q: Does OS-Monitor provide web-based email monitoring,as Outlook monitoring option is there in the trial version?
OsMonitor does not provide web based email monitoring, but you can block web based mail as follows:
i. Click “Client system settings”
ii. Click “Browser”
iii. Select “Block URL contains string as follow.”
iv. Enter the word “mail” in the list and click “Add”
v. Click “Save current group settings”
OsMonitor trial version is as functional as its full version. You can monitor all emails via Outlook Express or Outlook.

Q: Is OsMonitor detectable? Can employees disable OsMonitor client?
It is totally possible to set OsMonitor to run in an invisible stealth mode, then OsMonitor is virtually undetectable. When OsMonitor is in the invisible mode, it will not show up even if the user presses the hotkey”Shift + Alt + F”. The only way to access or make OsMonitor reappear is by pressing a series of secret key combinations that you set. Once the secret key combination is pressed you will be requested to enter your OsMonitor password to ensure that only you have access to the program. OsMonitor also has the option to run in a visible mode, if you would like the person to know that they are being monitored.

Q: Will OsMonitor slow down my computer?
NO. OsMonitor monitoring software is a really small and efficient application. It works quietly in the background and has been optimized to minimize resource use. It is running steadily on over 200000 computers throughout the world. You will not find any decrease of performance of your computer.

Q: How to set OsMonitor server run as a service?
Please visit https://www.os-monitor.com/osm288.htm

Q: The OsMonitor Server and Client are installed, but I cannot view my employees’ computer.
Please make sure you have entered the correct IP or computer name of OsMonitor server on OsMonitor client. OsMonitor server uses TCP 7211,7212 and 7213 ports, if your firewall warns you about OsMonitor server, please allow OsMonitor to work. If this does not help, you can uninstall your firewall on OsMonitor server and restart OsMonitor server and client computers. You should make sure ping OsMontor server IP successfully from OsMonitor client computer first. If still does not work, please use Windows Telnet tool checks the connecting. Run telnet YourServerip 7211 from client pc to check.

Q: Can this be monitor through internet outside from my office?
You could use the Windows remote desktop connection software to connect with your OsMonitor server.

Q: How to add multiple administrators and assign different permissions for OsMonitor Server?
Please visit https://www.os-monitor.com/osm412.htm

Q:When I block websites or games, it will be closed. How can it not be closed and only show a alert message on employee computers ?
Please refer to the OsMonitor Server settings:

Monitoring settings

Q:Why some windows can’t be closed? What should I do?
Some windows with UAC permit might can’t be closed such as “Registry Editor”. Please add “Registry Editor” to the block window title manually and choose “Cover window” option. If there are some other windows that you don’t want, you can block then as well. Please refer to the OsMonitor Server settings:

Close monitored window

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