The operator has all permissions by default if you don’t set different administrators.

In other cases, you may need multiple administrators that have different permissions, such as someone can only monitor specific groups or only has a part of the permissions.

How to add multiple administrators and assign different permissions?

First, click the “sign in” button and enter the default administrator password “123”:

Monitoring administrator log in

After signing in, please create some administrator accounts. As the following screenshot, we create an account called “John”.

Create monitoring administrator

Now, we set the permissions for John. As the following screenshots, John has the permissions on “Default group” and “Technical department”, doesn’t have permissions on “Finance department”, and he doesn’t have “remote desktop” and “Remote shutdown” permissions on  “Default group”.

Monitoring permissions

John doesn’t have “view monitoring history data” permissions on “Technical department”.

Monitoring permissions


Note: If you have added administrators, you always need to enter the administrator’s password when you start OsMonitor Server next time.