Employers are often confused by how to block some non-business-related websites which employees visit at work.

OsMonitor employee monitoring software can block these websites. It adopts client-server mode with one server monitoring all employee computers through local area network. You can set the unallowed websites keywords on OsMonitor server for different employees. For example, you can set blocking Facebook website for some employees and set blocking YouTube website for another group of employees. Instead of going around and checking all the employee computers, you just need to set the websites you want to block on OsMonitor server. Once this is done on the server, it takes effect immediately.

Please refer to the OsMonitor screenshots:

 block some non-business-related websitesThe finance group is not allowed to visit twitter,yahoo and amazon

block websites listThe Office group is not allowed to visit facebook and youtube

You have two methods to block websites. Black list and White list. The picture above shows the blacklist. All the websites can be visited  except the URL on the Black list. If you use the White list, only the websites in White list can be visited.

websites in white listRefer to the screenshot above, only google, yahoo and microsoft websites are on the White list, so only they can be visited

If a employee try to visit these websites, their browser will be closed automatically and you will see the block event on OsMonitor server or get a alert message. If you are willing, you can make OsMonitor send a alert message to your employee’ computer automatically. You can also make a statistic with OsMonitor of how many times each employee tried to visit the blocked websites within a month, so that it will be transparent to figure out who has done this the most time.

websites list

In addition, you can get a list of all the websites that every employee has visited. You can get a report that shows how much time your employee spends on which website.
In fact, OsMonitor goes farther along than simply blocking a website , it has many other valuable features, such as:

  • Screenshots/Camera-shots monitoring
  • Chat/IM conversation monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • File tracking(e.g. copy, delete, rename,share and plug/eject USB disk)
  • Application usage/Windows opened monitoring
  • Bandwidth usage monitoring
  • Block games run

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