OsMonitor employee monitoring software is a client-server system that works either in a local or distributed network and is intended to monitor Windows-based computers.

OsMonitor is very easy, anyone can learn it in 5 minutes. First, you need to install OsMonitor Server on the boss’s computer by running “setup.exe”.(Any Windows OS, such as Windows XP, Windows 7 etc.).

After installing OsMonitor server, you can find your OsMonitor server IP on the title of the window:

IP address of OsMonitor server

As the picture above shows, your OsMonitor server IP is in this case. Now you should install OsMonitor client on every employee‘s computer that needed to be monitored. You need to enter the IP address when you install OsMonitor client. If your server IP address is not fixed, you can enter either your computer name or domain name instead.

Enter IP address on OsMonitor client

When the installing is done, you would be able to monitor employees’ computers on the OsMonitor server.

OsMonitor server monitoring list view

OsMonitor server monitoring screenshouts view


OsMonitor clients run in silent/stealth mode by default, which means your employees don’t know they are being watched and can’t disable the program. If the law in your country requires transparent monitoring, OsMonitor client program is capable of running in both silent mode and visible mode. You can set it easily.

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