OsMonitor application monitoring function allows you to see at a glance at the applications that are being used by employees every day. If a employee downloads a new program that affect the performance of the computer, you’ll be able to quickly see the new application on OsMonitor. OsMonitor also enables you to stop applications that you don’t want to be started or completely restrict certain users on using the PC. You also can set specified application to work as you like.

Managing and tracking employee productivity are always essential for many organizations. Coupled with the labors of day to day personnel issues, effective employee control can be made even more necessary by the presence of the internet in the workplace.
OsMonitor provides the function of recording every application that runs on the computer you are monitoring. For each application, OsMonitor will capture the name of the person who used the application, when the application was started and how long the program was running.

Applications Monitoring

windows monitoring

Windows blocked report

All of the above is happening in full stealth mode so the person you are monitoring will not be aware of it. OsMonitor is ideal for employers who concerned about the loss of productivity due to unauthorized use of the application on company time.

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