You can read all kinds of valuable reports on OsMonitor server. All the reports can be exported to Word, Excel or Html format.

The employee efficiency report about application usage – you will know how much time each employee spends on which application. OsMonitor automatically records what activities employees perform on corporate computers, when the activities happen, and how long they last.

Employee efficiency monitoring

As it’s mentioned above, from May 5th to May 12th, 37% of Anna’s working time she is using Office Word, spent a total of 74.2 minutes. OsMonitor records all activities performed on a computer (launched applications, opened documents, visited web-sites) and the duration of each activity (when employees actually work with applications/windows). “Actual work” refers to an application/window is activated (be selected) while the keyboard or mouse is being using.

The employee efficiency report about website visited

Employee website visited monitoring

Screenshots history report

creenshots history monitoring

Email monitoring report

Email monitoring

Employees files backup report

File backup monitoring

Chat/IM conversation report

Chat conversation monitoring

Application running report
Application running monitoring

USB disk usage reportUSB driver monitoring

All of the website visited report

Website visited report

Hardware change report
Handware monitoring

File copying report
File copying monitoring

File deleting report

File deleting monitoring


Application/window blocked report – when employees try to run a software(or visit a website etc.) which has been blocked.

Application blocked report

Bandwidth report – which employee downloads or uploads the most

Bandwidth monitoring