Sometimes you may need set OsMonitor server to run as a Windows service, then you will don’t need log in windows to start OsMonitor server. How to set OsMonitor server to run as service?  Please note this method is unavailable for OsMonitor server trial version.

1. You should make sure that you have installed the OsMonitor server successfully and can monitor your employees first.

2. Please download the tool and extract these three files to OsMonitor installed folder. Run WangyaService.exe.

Copy OsMonitor service tool to folder

3. Click the “Set Run as Service ” button.

Set OsMonitor run as a service

4. You will get the success message. Please restart your Windows,the OsMonitor server will run as a service called ‘WangYa Monitoring Server‘. You don’t need to log in your Windows, the OsMonitor server will run automatically to monitor all client computers.

5. If you need watch the interface of OsMonitor server, you should stop the service first through your Windows Control Panel, then run the executable file(OsMonitorServer.exe) manually.

OsMonitor service list

Stop OsMonitor service