Recently,, the employee monitor software development company, has released its employee network monitoring software which helps the organization to increase staff efficiency.

With technology advancement work methodologies have also changed and in most of the organizations round the globe employees are required to work on computer systems which are connected to the internet. Computers and internet today are essential equipment required in every organization big or small. But, with its perks come certain disadvantages too; employees get a free hand on computers connected to internet. They neglect work and concentrate on other time wasting activities like net surfing, social networking and chatting. This way a lot of work time is wasted and work efficiency is reduced. Statistics reveal that every employee spends 2 hours on internet using it for personal interests. This also causes many security breaches. Companies lose billions because of this.

OsMonitor is a powerful tool which allows the employers to maintain a complete control over every employee’s activity. With this software the employers can determine whether or not assigned tasks are performed in allocated time, it also helps install restrictions over employee computer systems so that no useless programs can be installed. This helps prevent security breaches. This important software also helps in employee appraisal by telling which employee is performing the duties.

Employers can have a detail track of every activity done by employees like emails sent, websites visited, data transfers and much more. OsMonitor is a complete network tool to enhance work efficiency of the employees by restricting them to their duties only. This way a complete analysis of employees can be made. is a website platform owned by Wangya Computer Co., Ltd which was established in the year 2006. The company works to supply industry useful monitoring software programs.