OsMonitor has two modes of Partnership Project:Region Core Partner and OEM Partner.

1.Region Core Partner:
• We welcome dealers that live in a non-English-speaking country to cooperate with us. We will make sure that we only have one partner in a single country or region so that your interests will be guaranteed.
• Your company should have been founded for at least three years and engaged in computer or software business. You need to have your own website for your company.
• You have tried OsMonitor and have been familiar with it.
Note: We don’t need region partners from Turkey, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan now.

Plan steps:
First, you should add a link to OsMonitor’s website on your site.
Next, we will create a new folder on the OsMonitor website and give you an account of WordPress, so you will be able to edit some pages. You need to translate 5 to 6 pages of the website into the language of your region, and you will put your company’s information on the purchase, contact, technical support and some other pages. Please make sure that you centre on the keywords of your language when translating. We will add those pages which you have translated to “language” menu of our site. For example, the Vietnam URL is https://www.os-monitor.com/vietnam/. If people of Vietnam search “phần mềm giám sát mạng LAN”(LAN network monitoring software), these pages will have a good ranking.
Each time the costumes order, you take the software from us and you will get more discount if the number of orders is bigger.
If needed, you can make a language pack of your local language for OsMonitor. The page of purchase will link to the pages you have translated.
Supported by OsMonitor site’s powerful SEO, the pages which you have translated will get a good ranking when the keywords such as “employee monitoring software” is searched in your local language.



2. OEM Partner:
There is no language, region or company requirement for OEM partner, as long as you are confident in OsMonitor, you can become our OEM partner.

You will create a new name, website and icon for this software, using your own logo and some related information instead of ours. This program can greatly enhance the perceived value of your own brand. Prices are no longer limited by the OsMonitor software. Partners need to create their own brand, improve the local market and need to pay some production cost.The OEM cost is 499$. We will send you the trial version of the OEM within two working days after receiving the payment. The OEM order please click here.

You can demonstrate this trial version of the software to your costumes, if they decide to purchase, you will get the full version from us with a 25% discount. For example, if your costume order a 20 computers license – full version, the price we sell it to you is 510*0.75=382.5 USD, but you can sell it to your costume with any price, as they don’t know the existence of OsMonitor.