The employee monitoring software is used to monitor and constrain the employee’s computer activity. Employees’ access to websites, their chat content, Email content can already be obtained through OsMonitor, not to mention features like screen monitoring, daily software usage and time analysis and so on, which are enough for managers to grasp the working information of employees.

The information recorded by the keylogger is messy because each keystroke is recorded, many duplicate and useless contents are present, which is difficult for the administrator to read or use. Any ordinary person will not have time and patience to look through these messy contents.

The biggest problem with keyword tracking is the possibility of recording passwords entered by employees, which is very unsafe and unfair. The employee monitoring software does not need the key recording function at all, because it will make the staff scared, and once the data leaks, enormous risk can be brought. Managers themselves also bear moral and legal risks because they have their employees’ passwords.

The keystroke recording function will also be used by unscrupulous criminals, thus deviating from the original intention of employee monitoring software. This is why OsMonitor will never add the keylogger function.