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How to block Flash drive in Windows 10, disable usb drives don’t need group policy?

How to block a USB Flash drive or Smartphone plugged on a computer in Windows 10?
Do you still need a group policy to disable USB drives?
How to find out what your employees are doing with USB Drives?
How can find which files were copied to a USB storage device?
How to show a custom alert message when a Flash drive is plugged in?
How to disable USB storage or Smartphone plugged on a computer?
These can be done in one click with OsMonitor software.

Run OsMonitor Server on a VPS Hosting Monitor the Employees Around the World

For companies whose employees are scattered around the world, if you want to monitor the computers of these employees, you can use VPS Hosting to run OsMonitor server. The way is: install the OsMonitor server on your VPS Hosting and input the dedicated Internet IP of the VPS Hosting in the OsMonitor client. If you need to check the monitoring, log in to VPS Hosting with the Windows remote desktop. The VPS Hosting must be a Windows operating system.

You can find the dedicated Internet IP in your VPS Hosting console. In the future, when you install the OsMonitor client, you just need to enter the IP address.

At this time, you can use the Windows Remote Desktop to log in to the VPS Hosting. Once you have logged in the VPS Hosting, it is as convenient as operating your own computer. Now you can download and run the OsMonitor server on VPS Hosting easily.

After run OsMonitor server and OsMonitor client, if you can’t find any computer be monitored in the monitoring list. The reason is the VPS Hosting intercepts most of the TCP ports except for a few ports such as port 80 by default. You need to set it in the VPS Hosting control panel. Make sure the firewall allow TCP ports 7211, 7212, and 7213 go through.



System Requirements

Both OsMonitor Server and Client can work on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/08/12/2016, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10. Include 32 bit and 64 bit.

Customer Review

We are now using your monitoring software, OsMonitor. It is a great software, we are able to block non-business website, monitor activities of our users, website visited and even snap shots. Majority of our need is provided by your software.