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Wangya Releases Employee Network Monitoring Software To Improve Employee Efficiency

Recently,, the employee monitor software development company, has released its employee network monitoring software which helps the organization to increase staff efficiency.

With technology advancement work methodologies have also changed and in most of the organizations round the globe employees are required to work on computer systems which are connected to the internet. Computers and internet today are essential equipment required in every organization big or small. But, with its perks come certain disadvantages too; employees get a free hand on computers connected to internet. They neglect work and concentrate on other time wasting activities like net surfing, social networking and chatting. This way a lot of work time is wasted and work efficiency is reduced. Statistics reveal that every employee spends 2 hours on internet using it for personal interests. This also causes many security breaches. Companies lose billions because of this.

OsMonitor is a powerful tool which allows the employers to maintain a complete control over every employee’s activity. With this software the employers can determine whether or not assigned tasks are performed in allocated time, it also helps install restrictions over employee computer systems so that no useless programs can be installed. This helps prevent security breaches. This important software also helps in employee appraisal by telling which employee is performing the duties.

Employers can have a detail track of every activity done by employees like emails sent, websites visited, data transfers and much more. OsMonitor is a complete network tool to enhance work efficiency of the employees by restricting them to their duties only. This way a complete analysis of employees can be made. is a website platform owned by Wangya Computer Co., Ltd which was established in the year 2006. The company works to supply industry useful monitoring software programs.


OsMonitor to Help Companies Monitor and Restrict Their Employee’s Internet Activity

OsMonitor is an employee monitoring software developed by Wangya Computer Co. Ltd. that is designed to help companies monitor and restrict the internet activity of their employees. With the help of the software, companies can already know the computer activities of their employees including their online conversation, the emails that they have sent, and the websites that they have visited.

Computers and the Internet are two of the most important products of technological advancement. They make the completion of various tasks easier. However, it is also one of the reasons why billions of dollars are lost in various industries due to the personal use of internet and computer at work. According to a survey, an average worker spends more than 2 hours per day using the internet for personal interest. Moreover, some companies also incur huge financial losses due to computer security breaches. OsMonitor is developed specifically for these problems.


This powerful monitoring software is applicable to companies of all sizes. Through this software, employers can determine what their employees are doing during the time when they are expected to perform work-related tasks. Employers are also given the option to forbid their employees from installing illegal software and surfing the internet during a specified time. They can also use the software to restrict the use of USB storage devices and USB ports to prevent any confidential information from leaking out.

OsMonitor also allows employers to block web pages and URLs that contain specific works as well as pornographic and stock websites. They can also control the whole local area network (LAN) and block chatting programs such as ICQ, MSN, and AIM. Another benefit that individuals can receive from this network monitoring software is that it records all the programs and programs run by the employees that they can be reviewed at any time.

With this employee monitoring software employees can already track the computer activities of their employees. It serves as a great tool for determining which employee is fulfilling his job dutifully and which one is doing something that he is not allowed to do during working hours. By using OsMonitor, employers can deal with the factors that affect their employees’ productivity and work efficiency. Overall, this monitoring software is one of the best tools for promoting internet security and improving employee productivity.

Monitor Your Employees Online Activities through OsMonitor Monitoring Software

Effective employees are those who are efficient with their work. Being able to get an OsMonitor monitoring software will help you, as an employer, look after the online activities that your subordinates are doing during working hours. The software is the one that is convenient to be used by different companies wanting to monitor all the activities that their employees are doing over the internet. With the software’s help, you can get the information that you need and know the things that make your employees inefficient with the job that they are supposed to be doing.

What OsMonitor Allows You to Do

You will have the capability to track down the unnecessary things that employees are visiting online and check out all the files that they have been doing for a certain period of time. All of the things that you want to check such as the following can all be recorded and tracked down by this software:
• IM conversations
• Screenshots of the activities
• Software run
• Visited website
• Work and non-work related files processed
• Emails received and sent
As the owner, all of the above mentioned activities and proofs can all be tracked down and allow you to know what affects your employees efficiency and interest towards their work. This employee monitoring software will give you the access on different things that you want to know about the things that make your employees busy aside from work.

Features of OsMonitor

This network monitoring software can give you many capabilities in regards with features that this product has. When you choose to get this software, the following features are the ones that you can take advantage of:
• Monitoring, surveillance, restriction and forbiddance. This feature can take effect on all computers automatically and ensure that you are able to get the information that you want from different computers without installing the software individually.
• Compatibility with different operating systems is not a problem since the monitoring software is designed to work with different operating system versions.
• Enables you to forbid use of the entire USB ports and any storage devices to prevent any leakage of confidential information about the company and the activities done by your company.
• The software can disable several computers from accessing the internet and enter different websites that can distract employees.
• Blocks any download of unnecessary software or games that are considered great distractions for the employees.
• All of the monitoring needs that you want can be viewed after working hours and can even be printed through Html or Word.

All of the helpful information that you want for employee monitoring software is offered by OsMonitor. This makes it easy for you as the employer to get the information that you need from all the activities that your subordinates are doing. In this way, you are able to determine the things that affect the efficiency of your workers and prevent them from continuously doing unnecessary things over the internet on working hours. You are assured that you will not have to worry about the risk of losing efficient employees and just help.


How to Set OsMonitor Server Run as Service

Sometimes you may need set OsMonitor server to run as a Windows service, then you will don’t need log in windows to start OsMonitor server. How to set OsMonitor server to run as service?  Please note this method is unavailable for OsMonitor server trial version.

1. You should make sure that you have installed the OsMonitor server successfully and can monitor your employees first.

2. Please download the tool and extract these three files to OsMonitor installed folder. Run WangyaService.exe.

Copy OsMonitor service tool to folder

3. Click the “Set Run as Service ” button.

Set OsMonitor run as a service

4. You will get the success message. Please restart your Windows,the OsMonitor server will run as a service called ‘WangYa Monitoring Server‘. You don’t need to log in your Windows, the OsMonitor server will run automatically to monitor all client computers.

5. If you need watch the interface of OsMonitor server, you should stop the service first through your Windows Control Panel, then run the executable file(OsMonitorServer.exe) manually.

OsMonitor service list

Stop OsMonitor service

How to Monitor Employees Internet Activity

Monitoring Internet activity at work is typical practice nowadays. Employers often wonder how you can monitor employees Internet activity and enhance efficiency and protection, without diminishing on workplace spirit or privacy problems. There’s a simple balance that may be accomplished by having good workplace tactics set up.

You will find a large number of monitoring software packages available that particularly show you with the physicalities of methods to watch employees Internet activity. Usually, the program will monitor activity for example emails, keystrokes and website visits. Some severe monitoring units will require screenshots from the employees’ computer or make use of a webcam to consider secret photos or footage. Employers should select a course that will suit the culture from the workplace, as well as be reasonable the quality of monitoring. When the program keeps tabs and records of the excessive quantity of employee activity, there might be legal privacy implications, in addition to making employees feel resentful.

Employers help it to be well-known to staff that there’s a monitoring system, and just how many details has been gathered. Most employees could be more than pleased to accept being monitored, if it’s fair and when you are able to as to the degree. Fairness is essential in implementing this tactic. The monitoring must only be employed to protect the interests from the business, and never for snooping within the company.

Employers may prefer to provide employees having a listing of computer “offences” which is flagged through the monitoring system. Such lists can include pornography, excessive personal use, social networks that aren’t work related, and processes that are counterproductive towards the success from the business. Including activity for example leaking information and job searching during working hours. By giving a listing, there is no ambiguity between employers and staff, and also the guidelines are understood by all involved.

These are merely some fundamental suggestions regarding how to monitor employees Internet activity. If you would like more details, there are plenty of web sites on the web which are focused on reviewing monitoring software, and suggesting techniques for implementation.


Is Employee Monitoring Software Suitable for Your Small Business?

Numerous business owners and professionals in the present globe are faced with a typical problem: how you can make certain their employees are not misusing the internet in working time. When you have these same issues, you may have considered one of the numerous employee Internet monitoring software products offered by numerous software vendors. A lot of the software is developed to monitor your staff’s Internet usage – which internet sites they are browsing, the time they are investing in each site, and so on. While there is surely that these programs do what they are advertised to do, the question still persists: is employee monitoring software correct for your business?

Figuring out the true Issue: Insufficient Employee Efficiency

Assume that the workers were able to utilize the web for private business throughout work hrs and nonetheless be as effective as they actually were prior to. Probabilities are you currently would not care when they sometimes logged on to social networking websites or did a bit personal banking from day to day provided that every employee was in a position to obtain their job done fully, precisely and on routine. If you are contemplating utilizing employee Internet monitoring software, it is most likely because you are worried that the workers have low levels of productiveness due to their misuse of the Internet.

“Spyware” and the way it Influences Employee Morale

The assorted types of employee monitoring software products are usually known as “spyware” and with great purpose. In the end, what this sort of tool enables you to definitely do is, in effect, spy on your workers. Even though you do not inform the employees that you are utilizing spyware to trace their Web utilization, they’ll capture on ultimately. As soon as they are doing, it’ll possess a devastating effect on their morale. They’ll probably really feel that you simply do not believe in them to complete their work that will consequently direct to a good greater insufficient inspiration on their component. That insufficient inspiration will outcome in an even lower productiveness level.

Figuring out the true Answer: Encourage Your Workers to complete a greater Job

Envision that you’ve got utilized employee Web monitoring software and now know all of the websites your employees visit regularly and the way frequently they go to them. Since you are armed with that info, what’s going to you need to do with it? How will this enhance your employees’ productiveness degree? The sole genuine solution to the issue would be to discover a method to encourage your workers to complete a greater occupation. Spying on them will not assist. Actually, it’ll only make the specific situation even worse. The true, long-term solution to enhancing workers’ productiveness levels lies in a single phrase: Inspiration!


System Requirements

Both OsMonitor Server and Client can work on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/08/12/2016, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10. Include 32 bit and 64 bit.

Customer Review

We are now using your monitoring software, OsMonitor. It is a great software, we are able to block non-business website, monitor activities of our users, website visited and even snap shots. Majority of our need is provided by your software.